Trustee's Message

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to our college with modest beginning as a local degree college. Shri Ram College is to address the needs of local students in the field of education in commerce, Information Technology and Management. Over the five years, the college has made tremendous progress to achieve recognition in the field of education and got success to satisfy many students.

In keeping with the vision and goals of the college, all the departments are actively engaged in teaching, learning, research and extension activities. Our college has got the preferential recognition and appreciations by University of Mumbai in many fields like regular examination centers and other Extension activities.

I am proud of the excellent academic progress of the college, which is backed by the proper support of efficient faculties, techniques and methodologies. Our college had given the concentration of mind of the student of 21st century and hence stepped in the field of technology and management as we understand that the coming era is of excellence of management and technological skills and hence management oriented and technology oriented vocational courses has been introduced in order to equip students for the future needs of market.

Our college not only develops the academic achievements of the students but also helps them to develop their personality by developing the value system of their mind. We know that the proper prescribed value system is responsible for the proper development of the personality and which will be followed by the strong and healthy character building, which is the requirement of today’s society.

We support the curriculum of the student by organizing different guidance and counseling programme headed by the excels of their field, which endure a specialized and practical knowledge as per the practice and need of the market. We know that, sky is the limit and same is our organization and we are continuously busy in developing our college as one of the best college of the city by providing the single window solution for the basic requirements of the educational world.

I am very happy that you have decided to become a part of this academic family to pursue your higher education. I wish you all a grand success.

- Shri. Arun B. Mule
General Secretary

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